SPIRAL ~ Cosmic Lyrics For Awakening Minds

by Spiral

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SPIRAL ~ Cosmic Lyrics For Awakening Minds

1. Moments Of Truth (Moments In Love ~ Art Of Noise)
2. Look Up At The Stars (Friends ~ Solomon)
3. Cosmos Kicker (Marc Houle ~ Kicker)
4. I'm In Love Today (I'm in Love Today ~ Chris Carrier)
5. Taking It All In My Stride (Exceeder ~ Mason)
6. Cosmic Love (The System ~ You Are In My System)
7. Vipassana Flow (If You Stayed Over ~ Bonobo)
8. Games In My Heart How Will I Know [B side Instrumental] ~ Whitney Houston
9. Infants Of Infinity Everything's Gonna Be Alight ~ Sweetbox
10. Advice From An Urban Gypsy (Raven) (Beautiful Son [John Talbot’s Acetate Dub] ~ Peaking lights)
11. A Spiraling Mind (An Ending [Ascent] ~ Brian Eno)

Two years ago I etched upon on my vision board that I would create an album of cosmic and conscious lyrics. Today at 11.11am on the 11th of the 11th 2016 I’m super grateful to present “SPIRAL ~ Cosmic Lyrics For Awakening Minds’. To begin I would like to fully credit the artists that produced the amazing music that I felt inspired to weave my spoken words with. If you like the beats then please support the artists whom I have credited in the above track listings by purchasing their music from your preferred online outlet. I am offering the album on free download so that it is available to all without compromise. If you are able to and feel moved by the lyrical content then please do make a donation as it will assist in covering the costs of production and also keep the window open to offer free downloads (band camp offers two hundred free downloads and then charges the artist to continue offering this service).

Cosmic Lyrics For Awakening Minds has been spiraling into existence over the last two years after my love for writing lyrics was renewed by a powerful chapter in my life. After drinking Ayahuasca for the first time which was a huge experience of awakening and rebirth I found myself starting to write content with much more depth and relevance to the personal process I was going through at the time. It seemed more on point lyrically with what was needed from a personal viewpoint and from the perspective of the collective. For me the album represents a convergence of awakening, plant medicine, spirituality, life experience and love.

I started writing lyrics when I was around eleven or twelve. I was wondering what my artist name should be at that young age and just couldn't decide so I opened a dictionary for inspiration. There on the first page I opened was Spiral. It stood out to me like a Quartz point. So from that moment my artist name was born… Spiral. After some years of MC’ing over garage and grime I decided that the ego driven lyrics and vibe of the time were not serving anymore and so I stopped writing for many years. I had two very powerful experiences in medicine ceremonies where I was shown the divine alignment of the name Spiral and how it was much more than just coincidence.

I thank you from the depths of my heart for taking your time to listen to the album. I hope you find the album takes you on a journey and the lyrics are insightful, inspiring and able to touch a place of inner knowing deep within you. Awaken into your infinite multi dimensional self in the here and now of this moment, live you truth, your bliss, dream awake the reality you desire and let yourself become the unique divine being you incarnated to be…

Big Love, Peace Out,

Om, Amen & Aho.

Spiral xxx


released November 11, 2016



all rights reserved


Spiral England, UK

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